no. of sites

is there is any limit on the number of sites i can create on one VPS

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  • Hello, there is no set limit, that would be determined by your VPS's resource allocation and your Websites' resource consumption.

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  • many thanks for the fast reply, 

    i think i will have very promising relation with you guys!

    is there is any tutorial on how to setup multiple sites on my VPS?


  • i didn't mean that, i mean different domain names

  • Domain name configuration will be handled by your Domain Registrar, you can point as many name records to your VPS as you would like.

  • foe example,  i have one account at skysilk, you gave me one ip address, right.

    i have 2 domains from , eg. and

    i want to create two websites on my skysilk vps

  • It appears this guide is what you might be looking for:

    From there you would use GoDaddy's dashboard to assign CNAME records to your SkySilk VPS IP address.

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