How to Login to Linux VPS as root user

To login to your VPS as root, use the password set and confirmed during the VPS deployment process.

Note, if you choose to Generate your password be sure to toggle on "Show" so that you can note your password for login later.

Login to VPS with SSH Console on Your SkySilk User Dashboard

All SkySilk VPS default users are set as root. You can login as root using the SSH Console on your user dashboard by following the on-screen prompts.

1. Press ENTER if you want to login as root, otherwise specify the user you want to login as.

2. Enter the password you set during VPS creation and press ENTER. Note, for security the password line will not populate with text but the input is being registered, enter your password without typos and hit enter to gain access to you VPS.

*If you set your machine as "Password Login Disallowed" in the screenshot above you will only be able to gain direct access via SSH only as described in the next section. (i.e. you will not be able to use a password to login and the SSH Console will not show on your user dashboard."

Login to VPS with PuTTY or other Terminals:

To gain root access to your VPS using a third party terminal and SSH only, please see the following guide:

How to: Access Linux VPS with SSH on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

I Forgot My VPS Password

If you forgot your SkySilk VPS password and setup an SSH key-pair with your machine, you can recover your password using SSH directly: 

How to: Reset a Linux VPS Password Using Private SSH Login

If you didn't setup an SSH key-pair, you will need to redeploy a new machine, making sure to take note of your new password if you choose the password enabled option. The full process to access your VPS via both password and SSH are detailed here: 

How To: Access Linux VPS with SSH on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux