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Upload files to your Linux VPS with WinSCP on Windows 10

This guide is going to teach you how to use WinSCP to upload files from your Windows 10 PC to your Linux VPS. We'll be using Ubuntu 19.04 on this run.

Please note that this guide assumes that you have already downloaded and installed WinSCP on your Windows PC. If you have not done so, please download it from https://winscp.net/eng/download.php  or the Microsoft Store. We will be using the standalone download from their website.

When you first open WinSCP, it should open a window that looks like this. 

  • Host name: <Your VPS IP Address> 
  • Port number: 22 (unless you've configured sshd otherwise, leave it on 22)
  • User name: either root or another user you've previously configured. (See Here for more information about configuring another user)
  • Password: your root password that you chose when you configured your VPS from the dashboard, or the user's password that you've configured in the previous step.
  • Advanced... |▼:  Allows you to configure using an SSH Key under the Authentication tab. (See Here for more in-depth information about WinSCP's features)

In this window, you will fill the Hostname: with your server's IP address. The username/password will be your sftp username/password that you set up previously. ( If this part makes no sense, review the following guide before continuing: https://help.skysilk.com/support/solutions/articles/9000181567-how-to-configure-sftp-on-ubuntu-19-04/  )


If you are connecting using an SSH Key instead, click the Advanced... box, and look in the left pane under SSH. Click on the Authentication section, and about halfway down the window that opens is a section that says Authentication Parameters

Simply click the ... box and locate your private key file. 

Once you finish, press OK. Finalize by pressing the Save button. You should now have your server listed below the New Site option on the left pane. Either select it and press Login or double click the newly created entry. If you're using Key-based authentication, you should be prompted to input your key passphrase. 

Go ahead and fill in your details, and press Save to store the connection for easier access in the future. If you successfully logged in, you'll see something similar to below:

You can now drag and drop files from your Windows 10 PC either directly from your desktop/explorer, or from the tree view on the left-hand side of WinSCP if you chose that view.

You have successfully connected your Windows machine to your SkySIlk Linux VPS. For more in-depth information about using WinSCP, we always recommend reading the official docs which can be found --> https://winscp.net/eng/docs/start  

Join our Private Discord Chat to chat with, as well as find community assistance from other Verified SkySilk Users: https://invite.gg/SkySilk  


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