East coast datacenter


I'm looking to move from shared hosting to my first VPS and SkySilk appears to tick all the boxes except one. When I look at available plans only the LA datacenter is given as an option.

Now, I'm in Spain, Europe and most of my customers/website visitors are in Western Europe and Central/Eastern US and Canada. I'm a bit worried that latency will be too high with the server located in LA.

My question is; I'm quite certain that I saw a screenshot or read some info about there being a datacenter in NY. Why can't I see this in the plan options? If due to some temporary reasons, when will it become available again?

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Relko, we do indeed have a NYC data center, though it is currently unavailable due to an overwhelmingly positive start to the new year specials we are offering. When we have more NYC availability we will be sure to let all users know.

    In the meantime feel free to try out an LA server, if it turns out it isn't able to handle your capabilities please reach out via support and we can credit your account for the usage if you aren't satisfied 100% with the LA offering while you wait for NYC to become available.

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