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I hope to get ipv6 support!


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Hi Yu, IPv6 support is on our roadmap for 2019. We will be sure to let all users know when that functionality is available.

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will that be in  q1 by any chance?

That's the goal!

if we already have a server setup how will that work once you guys have achieved your goal?

Once we release this feature we will be sure to update all users about if/how IPv6 will work with existing deployments.

Hope we could get IPv6 network ASAP.

Until you have ipv6 I’ll stay with linode. How hard can deploying v6 be?

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Hello Eric. IPv6 is still on our roadmap. As for how hard it is to deploy  IPv6? We understand that there are many factors to consider when implementing IPv6. This potentially  means that it may take some time to implement, however the finished product, will be one that has been tested for quality, security, resilience, and will adhere to industry best practices. We assure you that is in the works and we will announce it when we make IPv6 available.

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