Important Note about Editing Linux Configuration Files

 Some of the configuration files in your Linux VPS are automatically edited by the SkySilk system during reboots or when powering on.

If you need to make changes to these files, make sure to enter your settings outside the block of text marked by " --- BEGIN PVE --- " and " --- END PVE --- "

I noticed this when somebody I was working with added my public SSH key to the .ssh/authorized_keys file, and while it worked at first, I could not get back in after a reboot of the server.  It turns out that the SkySilk system had taken the second line and merged it with the first line, so only the 1st public key worked, leaving my key unrecognizable by the SSH daemon.

So make sure to leave that block of text alone.  If what you want to edit is inside the block of text, for example, you want to change the hostname inside /etc/hosts, but you see that it is surrounded by the " --- PVE --- " tags, this means you need to make the changes in the SkySilk dashboard.

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