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[bug] Vps name, andpassword

I'v tried to set up a vps with a space in it's name, set password to no, got a error message related to the name.

Now I'm forced to set a password in password fields to continue after I deleted the space in the name field although "Password login disallowed" is checked.

The Password Login Disabled toggle does not replace the requirement for a VPS to have a root password associated with it; all machines must have a password. This toggle simply determines whether or not that password can be used to login, not whether or not a password is required.

And even if you disallow password login during VPS creation, you can still login with the root password. So, the Password Login Disabled toggle seems meaningless to me.

That shouldn't be the case. If it is, please submit a bug report by creating a new support ticket with steps to replicate and any relevant screenshots and we will be happy to take a look.

I re-tested (with Ubuntu 18.04 guest VPS) and it IS the case. I am creating a support ticket.

Thank you very much, checking on the status of the ticket shows we were able to resolve the issue.

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