v. 2054 - June 13th

v.2054 was pushed to beta this morning and includes some substantial upadtes as we wrap-up our beta features list in preperation for our live launch next month:

  • Machine usage graphs now display in the same time-zone as set in your account settings.
  • Backup/Snapshot bug fixes and improvements
  • New York City is now added and available as a region for new deployments!
  • Other various UI/UX updates and bug fixes

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Time-zone localization is a good thing. Thank you! However, localization of the date format (which seems to be always in US format) would be also a good thing. At least, a user selectable option to allow ISO (yyyy-mm-dd) format may be provided.

I agree that would be useful, I'll make sure to add that to our future features list. Thanks for the suggestions!

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