My server load is really high, is this normal?

My server load is really high, is this normal?

  • What you are seeing is load being generated by other users on the same server node. In our environment we are using LXC linux containers rather than QEMU virtual machines to provide a secure multi-tenant platform. 

    There are many benefits to this approach including better network and disk performance, as well as drastically reduced overhead because your VPS does not need to run a kernel. This also means you get to see more details of the underlying server hardware, including physical CPU utilization where other users' utilization will appear as system utilization. Unfortunately HTOP does not distinguish between system CPU utilization and user utilization, so it will appear as your own.

    There is no need to worry about loss of performance, as CPU cores are dynamically assigned - when you generate load your processes will be run on the least loaded cores available. 

  • Is this also the reason for the 'ps' command in my Ubuntu VPS displaying 0.0 percent process CPU usage even for processes using high CPU?
  • Correct, since containers are nested the CPU usage being reported is for the entire system as opposed to any one vps.

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