v.2036 Changelog - Dec. 15th

v.2036 Changelog for beta.skysilk.com:

  • (Improved SSH key management) - Now you can see which SSH keys are currently associated with what machines, and easily copy pre-generated keys if needed.

  • (Fixed Automatic Snapshots) - We caught an issue where some user scheduled snapshots were not being generated. Snapshots should now be snapshotting again.

  • (Testing Billing & Rewards) - We are putting the beginning steps in place to begin testing Billing & Rewards...all of this is happening behind the curtain, but we should be ready to reveal what we're working on soon. :)

  • (Continued UI/UX Improvements) - Obligatory¬†UI/UX improvements that you probably won't notice but we promise they are there.

If you are experiencing any issues with this version, please comment below or open a support ticket.

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