List of Planned Features - Before requesting a new feature, please read this.

We get a lot of feature requests and want to fulfill as many as we can, (if not all of them!), and will always do our best to incorporate your requests into future version releases. We can't make any promises, but we will read every request and do our best to accommodate it!

Before requesting a new feature, please take a minute to read the following list of already requested features to make sure yours isn't duplicated. When these features are released we will make updates to our Announcements and Change Log sections.

Here is our list of planned features for future versions (all release dates are TBD):

  • Windows OS VPS
  • Docker Support
  • User uploaded .iso files
  • Download/export backups
  • Dedicated SkySilk API
  • Deploy new VPS using existing IP address
  • Cloud Firewalls & Port Management
  • SSL Management Tools
  • IPv6 Support
  • LXD Container Management Support/snap installations
  • Load Balancers
  • Encrypted Virtual Machines
  • User-created SWAP file management
  • Dark mode for UI Dashboard
  • Team Accounts & User Permissions

Already Implemented:

  • Deploy new VPS from existing backups
  • rDNS Management
  • Usage Thresholds/Alerts

If your request isn't listed above, feel free to Start a New Topic and make a request or suggestion.

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