Complete newbie to VPS

Hi! All,

I've always used shared hosting via cPanel and signed up with Skysilk just a month ago.

I'm looking for documentation about first steps to configure my VPS. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Jack,

    Welcome! When joining you should have received an email with a User Guide that can be downloaded via PDF, I'll also attach it here. We also have a public Discord server where you can join and ask other SkySilk users for tips and suggestions if you ever have any specific questions, feel free to join and say hi here:

    Hope that helps with getting started!

  • Thanks! Matt, Never got this Guide before. I think it has most of the help I'll need to get started.

  • Finally today, for the first time ever, I successfully logged in to my VPS via SSH console. I'll need step-by-step help in proceeding further until I've achieved my objective of transferring all 6 of my websites from my shared hosting provider. I wish there was a manual detailing those steps.

    Now, after logging in I get a screen per attached screenshot. I'm still floundering around, poring through various online VPS tutorials to learn what packages to install. According to Phil McKerracher I should Install LAMP and then proceed with Virtualmin.

    If there's someone out there who can guide me with the exact lines to type, I'd appreciate hearing back.

    (23.8 KB)
  • apache, php and mysql if you're gonna want to run wordpress

  • Thanks! Ramon.

  • Where is my user name?, i've created an ssh key, but which is the user name?

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