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What are SkySilk VPS Boosts?

SkySilk VPS Boosts allow for you to quickly and temporarily scale up your machine's CPU and RAM for 24 hoursright from your VPS dashboard. This is great for instances such as a large compilation job needing to be run overnight without scaling the machine's storage, as just one example.

Currently, when scaling up to a larger SSD, plans cannot be scaled back down. VPS Boosts act as a workaround, allowing for a temporary boost in RAM and CPU (up to the next plan size) without scaling a machine's storage or moving up to the next plan if not needed at that time, saving you money while optimizing resource usage at the same time.

VPS Boosts can be activated at any time, and can be "stacked" one after the other if desired. Each time a new Boost is activated, the Boost timer reset to 24 hours.

SkySilk VPS Boosts are available for all machines directly from your VPS Dashboard by clicking the BOOST button on any machine.

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