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What is SkySilk VPS Pricing?

SkySilk VPS Pricing has been structured to fit any budget or project, with Basic VPS plans starting at just $4.00/month.

We offer 3 different pricing tiers; Basic, Standard, and Premium, each built with flexibility and different configuration options in mind.

BASIC VPS PRICNG & FEATURES - Great for Sandbox Testing and Development on a Budget

  • Dual-Replicated SSD
  • Bandwidth Limits of 100Mb/s
  • Transfer Limits of 6TB
  • No Backups
  • No Snapshots
  • No SkyPoints
  • IPv6 by Default
  • IPv4 Available for Added Cost

Click for full Basic VPS Pricing - Ranging from $4.00/mo - $9.00/mo

STANDARD VPS PRICING & FEATURES - Great for Production Environments + SkyPoints Earning

  • Triple-Replicated SSD
  • Bandwidth Limits up to 500Mb/s
  • Transfer Limits up to 12TB
  • Backups Available
  • Snapshots Available
  • 1x SkyPoints Earning

Click for full Standard VPS Pricing - Ranging from $10.00/mo - $1,250.00/mo

PREMIUM VPS PRICING & FEATURES - State of the Art, Fast, Powerful, All Inclusive VPS + 10x SkyPoints

  • Triple-Replicated NVMe SSD
  • Premium AMD Epyc & Intel Broadwell CPUs
  • Bandwidth Limits of 1 Gb/s
  • Unlimited Transfer*
  • Backups INCLUDED at no extra cost
  • Snapshots INCLUDED at no extra cost
  • 10x SkyPoints Earning

Click for full Premium VPS Pricing - Ranging from $20.00/mo - $3,125.00/mo

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