Transitioning to the SkySilk Live Platform

Here you will find the necessary steps to migrate your VPS out of beta and to the live platform.  


1. Login to your beta account

Once the transition to live is complete, the website will now be hosted at rather than This means that in order to find your beta machines, you will need to login to Once you've logged in with your necessary credentials, continue to your VPS dashboard.

Login to the Beta Environment


2. Select "Migrate VPS to Live"

You will notice that a new button has been added to your beta VPS dashboard named "Migrate VPS to live". You guessed it, this is where to begin the process.  


Once you select Migrate VPS to Live, you will notice this window pop up.


SkySilk will not automatically charge you once the platform goes live. You will be given the opportunity here to consent and opt-in to the monthly cost (displayed in the pop-up) while migrating your VPS. This will vary depending on the number of resources your particular VPS holds.

All users will have the ability to opt-in or out.  There will be a grace period of 30 days to migrate beta machines to live using the process above (Starting September 1st through October 1st).  If you choose to opt-out, simply leave your existing VPS in beta and it will be automatically deleted after the 30 day grace period. If you wish to deploy a new VPS, this can be done from your live environment dashboard at at any time.

After selecting OK, let the back end work its magic and migrate your machine automatically.  Once this process is complete (should take less than a minute), you will see one last window explaining that everything worked as planned with an embedded link to your new VPS dashboard. No data will be lost or affected by the migration, once complete you will be able to use your VPS at from now on.


And you're done!

The process is simple, secure, and should only take about a minute. The link provided in the final window will take you to the live SkySilk environment where you can begin using your VPS and also deploy new ones as you see fit!