How to Reinstall an OS on VPS

Hey guys, I'm using Ubuntu 18.0 on my VPS, I want to install CentOS on this machine. What should I do?.
  • Currently, there is no formal method of changing or resetting the OS of an already deployed machine, though it's a highly requested feature that is on our to-do list. For now, you would have to deploy a clean VPS with the distro you would like.

    As a workaround for a way to 'reset' future deployments on Standard and Premium plans, you can take a Manual Backup and/or Snapshot immediately after the machine starts and use that as a way to 'reset' a machine back to its original state. Please note in order to change an OS completely you would still need to deploy a new VPS.

    When we add the ability to reset and/or change OS options for existing deployments we will be sure to let all users know.

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  • No specific date when those features will be available?.. priority those easy to do and needed.. thanks
  • No specific dates yet, we are always working to improve our platform, there are many different features we are working on and will always update all users as soon as we deploy them or have any more information.

  • I've needed this functionality twice already. Any timeline? You're doing great work!

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  • No specific eta yet, though it's on our timeline for 2019.

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  • I also very much hope that you add this feature.

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  • This feature has been implemented as of our most recent version update, you can access a system reset via the RESET tab on your VPS Dashboard.

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