v.2044 - v.2051 Changelog (Feb - May)

Beta platform versions v.2044 -v.2051 have been pushed silently over the last 2 months and include fixes, changes, and features such as:


  • Updated 404 Error Page design
  • Fixed Graphs loading spinner bug


  • Added Full VNC Console
  • Fixed Backups/Snapshots names getting cut off on mobile
  • Add Promo Codes directly from your My Account page
  • Link to SkySilk Blog is now easier to find in top menu


  • Added mechanism to measure and display machine Transfer usage
  • Added Transfer limits to pre-fixed plans
  • Implemented regions per cluster in preparation for regional deployment selections
  • Fixed a bug where account balance was being shown as negative or incorrect


  • Email alerts for Transfer limits and overages tested
  • "Finding Optimal Node" step added to VPS deployment process for improved resource distrobution
  • Changed RAM units shown from MB to GB
  • Added Monthly total estimate to VPS dashboard


  • Improvements to Credit Card authorization verification logic
  • Updated automatic backups/snapshots deletion steps
  • Fixed VNC Console bug where some users couldn't access
  • Added Live Chat function to all landing pages


  • Added Community Forums link to Menu and Footer
  • Change Timezone from by Editing User Profile
  • Added ability to change VPS Hostname after deployment


  • General Bug fixes and UI/UX adjustments


  • Updated automatic backup/snapshot pricing
  • Added Transfer as a measurable unit on the Graphs tab

Additional general UI/UX updates and bug fixes were pushed in all of the above versions as we continue to improve our beta platform. Feel free to post any questions or comments below.

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