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Feature request! ZRAM, ZSWAP, ZCACHE

I would love to get this supported on SkySilk! I can then compress the data that's loaded into memory to safe a few mb's that i can use for my applications to run stablere. Ilose just a little bit of processing power however.

Hope this could be added to platforms like Debian Jessie!

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Hi Wesley,

A couple things here:

1.  ZSWAP, ZCACHE, and ZRAM aren't supported. The result would be an unstable environment. The data sent to and read from the disk will consume a lot of bandwidth as it is uncompressed. For that reason, we don't recommend running zswap, zram, or zcache in virtualized environments.

Similarly, if you need more MBs simply scale up as needed from your VPS dashboard.

2. We support Debian Jessie (aka Debian 8), you can find it on the CREATE CONTAINER page and selecting Debian 8.

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